Prices & Info

Day ticket

Admission price 70.- Euro. (Special offer prices excluded). The entrance fee includes the unlimited stay on one day as well as the use of the entire club facility, the wellness area with sauna, whirlpool, swimming pool and the garden. The entrance fee also includes towels, slippers, soft drinks and food. From May to September every week on Friday and Saturday between 17.30 – 23.00 o’clock is grilled: big grill buffet! In the whole club the guest can move dressed with a bath towel.


The ladies in the nudist club Lancelot work on an independent basis. It is pointed out that all services of the ladies exclusively in the name and on account of the respective lady takes place. The ladies are self-employed and provide their services on their own account according to § 2 Abs. 1 UStG. All agreements regarding the services to be provided by the ladies are to be made exclusively with the respective lady.


We point out that the entry does not include sexual services, as well as the guarantee that sexual services will occur. Sexual services are to be agreed upon alone with the lady, who works as an independent contractor and completely independent of Lancelot (Lancelot GmbH). Any agreements about the kind of services and the amount of payment as well as the kind of payment, take place solely between the visitors and the independently working ladies. These agreements do not establish a contractual relationship and no business relations with the Lancelot (Lancelot GmbH).

The ladies do their own advertising and offer their services as independent contractors. Thus, they are exclusively active on their own account and have no legal activity relationship with the Lancelot (Lancelot GmbH). Lancelot (Lancelot GmbH) does not guarantee that sexual services will be provided. The if and the way of sexual services and the amount of payment take place exclusively by arrangement between the ladies and the guests. These arrangements do not establish a contractual relationship and no business relationship with Lancelot (Lancelot GmbH).

The ladies are self-employed entrepreneurs and decide for themselves about the presence and whether they want to advertise with photos or not.

Our new outdoor area with a pool is finally ready! Photos will follow soon, but we can’t wait to welcome you there. Come by!

Your Lancelot Team